How I’m going so far…

September 17, 2008

I have created the two main characters and the theme. I realize I haven’t posted in a long time, but now that its holidays I’ll try to get something done.

here are some screenshots of them.

These are the two main characters.

And this is the rogue butterfly, the troublemaker.

I have now created one of the other people trapped in the bus heres a screenshot.



And the Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Mr Spod

Mr Spod

this is Mr Spod Bob and Jerry’s boss,

these are some of the characters, now to start creating some of the cameos.

the holiday organiser

and the holiday organizer Security guard


oops I spelt security wrong

Bus Cleaners

Two people who clearly need to improve their lifestyle


My first mystery character, Email me what you think it is and why and how it turns up in the movie, if you get it right, then you get to have the joke completely spoiled by me showing you what it is.

The head of a tribes-person

The head of a tribes-person

This is the head of a tribe person I haven’t finished the body, yet but the tribes people are and ancient tribe who lived in the forest and will help with the story a bit. Tribes people always look so stereotypical in movies so I thought hey, Ill make my tribes people look stereotypical, and in this case wearing the sydney opera house on their head.

Picture 25

Another tribe person, this time with the body added.



September 17, 2008

Hi there!

I’m Frogger 5 the soon-to-be creator of the movie; The Rogue Butterfly.

I will hopefully be able to update my blog weekly with how Im going at creating the characters and story boarding and stuff.

sorry I havent been able to post I was stuck on an island in cyclonic weather and i came home to a fat load of homework so sorry but Im back now!